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Cologne, the largest city in the Rhineland, is one of the most mystic and engaging cosmopolitan layouts in the world. Celebrated for its legendary ‘eau de cologne’, Cologne is much more than simply an abode for haute couture, with its dazzling steel structures, tall towers, old-fashioned museums, and serene verdant gardens.  The international airport offers flights to and from most major European airports and others around the world and sees around 10 million passengers each year.  Facilities include a number of car rental outlets.

A replica of ‘God’s Own Kingdom on Earth’, the Dom Cathedral in Cologne is the best Gothic inspired structure in all of Europe. The Infant Jesus shrine in the Cathedral was paid homage by three kings of three cultures, leading to the altar and shrine is a cultural mélange of the Arabian, Byzantine and Roman civilizations. The Gero Cross, a huge crucifix, is another attraction that marks the Dom Cathedral.

The Old Market set in the heart of cosmopolitan Cologne is an engaging sight, with its old-fashioned buildings, some of them built in the 16th century and even before. The area is a typical flea market with hawkers thronging the roads with their wares on display. A must is the Alter Markt, sip a cup of coffee and buy a few souvenirs to take back home. The affordable perfumes you get at Old Town Market are beautiful fragrances and ideal for gifts to take home so make the most of car hire to transport your purchases.

An attractive quaint museum located in close proximity to the Cologne Railway Station, this museum houses relics from the bygone eras, has marvellous exhibits depicting rare manuscripts and paintings, seals from various commercial trading carried out during many centuries and much more. The lawns around the museum make for a good picnic spot so do take your lunch basket along.

The Gurzenich is yet another Gothic structure, almost demolished in the Second World War, and is now renovated to make for a charming monument. The Mourning Parents sculpture adorns one end of the Gurzenich complex, while at the other end you have the remains of a beautiful Gothic church, erected supposedly in the 10th century. If you have the stamina to climb up the Tower to the top, you get rewarded with spectacular views of the Cologne skyline.

Situated amidst many other shopping plazas and retail outlets in the city, the Peek and Cloppenburg clothing mall has its own vibrant charm as it lures visitors from all parts of the world to make boutique purchases in haute couture. You also get exotic varieties of the eau de cologne as a freebie after reaching a particular amount of spending.

Car rental is a great way to get around the city and it is very convenient and cost effective.  It is so much easier than relying on public transport.

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